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Institute for Vegetation Sciences, Ecology and Regional Planning

Ihr Partner für Umweltgutachten: IVÖR
The institute was set up in 1987. Managing partners are Rolf Heimann, Ralf Krechel, Dr. Rüdiger Scherwass and Ursula Scherwass.

Our scientifically and practically oriented team with its knowledge of the existing environmental problems, and its profound knowledge of the current environmental data of the area, as well as of the country is engaged in know-how transfer between science and practice.

In this area, one of our strengths lies in the modeling of individual and innovative solutions; solutions which are both practical-oriented and economically reasonable through orientation on the rules and mechanisms of the market.

We work at the interface between research and practice for industry, communities and authorities.

Our competences lie in the following fields:
  • Ecological basis recordings and survey
    • Large- and small two-dimensional survey of basis data of the flora, of the vegetation and fauna for most different projects, spatial concepts and specific expert opinions
    • Survey of data in a space time raster for the National Monitoring Program according to § 14 (3) of the Landscape Law of Northrhine-Westphalia

  • Analysis and evaluation of determined data
    • Analysis of data gained by ourselves and of external data
    • Evaluation of analyzed data within the context of expert opinions

  • Modeling of individual and innovative concepts
    • Development of compound concepts within the context of landscape planning of Northrhine-Westphalia
    • Modeling of concepts to renature river plains
    • Modeling of ecological concepts for contaminated sites
    • Preparation of ecological green belt plans

  • Public relations
    • Conception and production of video documentations
    • Preparation of pamphlets
    • Conception of natural experience paths and exhibitions
    • Organization and execution of seminars, lectures and study trips

  • Consultation
    • Conceptual counseling of authorities and private enterprises for all ecological questions
We have, among other things, won our project experiences while processing the following questions:
  • Compilation of ecological suggestions within the context of the river plain program of the federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia on the river plain concepts Agger (district government Cologne), and Berkel (district government Münster) including recording the basis data (flora, fauna, water structure). Coordination of the different stages of the project in teams under participation of public authorities. Public presentation and discussion with affected citizens.
  • Writing and tuning the filmscript for a three-part video documentation on the nature preserve area ”Bruchhauser Feuchtwiesen” (”Wet Meadows of Bruchhausen”), text organization, scientific consultation and collaboration at the production site and at post-production in the studio.
  • Efficiency control of biotope care and development measures in the nature preservation and Natura 2000 area ”Unterer Niederrhein”, one of only a few areas protected by the international wetland convention of ”Ramsar” in Northrhine-Westphalia.
  • Investigations of sites for wind power plants in the area of Schleiden: Recording the avifauna, evaluation of the results and judgement of the possible influences on birds by present and / or projected wind power plants.
  • Biomonitoring ”Western Ruhr District”: Recording of biotope models, structures and selected indicator parameters along a North/South transect in the western Ruhr District; settlement density investigations of the avifauna at selected sites testing the faunistic registration methods in the course of settlement monitoring.
  • Development of integrated biotope networks as well as regional green belts within the context of suggestions of the Nature Protection Association and the Landscape Conservation Board to the field development plan for the government districts of Duesseldorf and Cologne: Compilation of the ecological basics, formulation of the objectives conception, spatial presentation and description of the integrated biotopes (ADV documents).
  • Preparation of protection of species concepts: Recording of the amphibian and bat fauna and development of a measure concept as well as propositions in the sense of a synecological planning.
  • Development of a monitoring concept for environmental effects caused by the introduction of plants modified genetically. The study carried out on commission by the Federal Office for the Environment Protection, aims at developing an early alert system which shows unwanted results for the domestic ecological systems which result from a nationwide cultivation of plants varied genetically.
  • Conception, planning and organization of a natural experience path as well as coordination of the realization of the 11 stations of this walk in a recreation area of the City of Dormagen.
The team:
Rolf Heimann Rolf Heimann

Trained industry businessman with practice, study of biology with specialization into botany and geobotany.

Work emphases: Vegetation sciences and floristic mapping, biotope monitoring and biotope estate registers, environmental compatibility studies.

Ralf Krechel Ralf Krechel

Studied biology at the University Duesseldorf, in particular vegetation sciences, geobotany and systematical zoology.

Special fields: Vegetation sciences, ornithology, herpetology, environmental compatibility studies and biotope management.

Rüdiger Scherwass Dr. Rüdiger Scherwass

Studied biology at the University of Duesseldorf. Study emphases: Geobotany, plant physiology, geological sciences, organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. Scientific participation in the project "Examination of the effects of emissions on forest vegetation".

Work emphases: Biotope and vegetation mapping, biotope monitoring, renaturing of rivers and lakes, soil examination, environmental impact assessment.

Ursula Scherwass Ursula Scherwass

Studied biology and geography. Didactic and pedagogic experience from two-year of teaching.

Work emphases: Public relations and environmental education; landscape, renaturing and biotope compound planning.

In addition, the institute employs a number of selected and qualified freelances, who, in accordance to their special knowledge, are utilized in the various projects.

If you are interested in our work, please send us a message. We will call you back.

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